Mrs. Friedman's Music Class

Weber Middle School 6th Grade Chorus and 7th & 8th Grade General Music

8th Grade General Music

We will be using Google Classroom for assignments, projects, and communication! Everything that is handed out in class will also be made available in our online classroom.  You will be able to print extra copies of handouts, view important information, view copies of all assignments and projects, and submit projects and extra credit assignments.  Some projects will be completely based in Google Classroom.

1.Go to (link will also be on Mrs. Friedman’s website)

2.Log in using your school Google for Education account 
E-mail = your school (ex.
Password  = your home phone # including area code (ex. 5161234567)

3.Join the correct class by clicking the + button in the upper right corner and 
enter the class code: 
A DAY PERIOD 4: ijboq53 (all lowercase letters)
A DAY PERIOD 6: doifxk5 (all lowercase letters)
B DAY PERIOD 4: cs5o678 (all lowercase letters)
B DAY PERIOD 6: cc496y (all lowercase letters)

1.There is a Google Classroom app available for Android and iOS devices!
2.Google classroom connects with your Google Drive account.  A Classroom folder will be created for you in
3.All assignments and announcements can be viewed in the stream.
4.Comments posted to the stream are viewable to everyone in the class – including the teacher.  There will be consequences for negative and/or inappropriate comments.
5.Comments posted to the assignment are viewable only by the teacher.
6.A quick guide on how to use Google Classroom will be made available on the website and Google Classroom.

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