Mrs. Friedman's Music Class

Weber Middle School 6th Grade Chorus and 7th & 8th Grade General Music

8th Grade General Music

Guidelines and Expectations


In 8th grade General Music, the students will continue to build on their previous musical experiences.  This class meets every other day for a semester.  The grade you earn in this class will be part of your overall school average; the work you do here will matter as much as the work in your other classes.


Materials Needed for Class:

¯  A dedicated folder for handouts, worksheets, projects, etc.

¯  A pencil or pen

¯  A Listening Journal: A spiral notebook or section of binder (with loose-leaf) or composition notebook

¯  Headphones (ear buds)



¯  Be on Time – 3 lateness during a marking period = detention

¯  Respect the teacher, all students, all equipment, and yourself

¯  Come prepared for class.  Be responsible for yourself.

¯  No food, gum, or drinks

¯  Most Importantly: Have Fun Through Working Hard!



We will be covering a variety of topics this semester including, but not limited to:
(Please note that units are subject to change)

¯  Music and Pop Culture

¯  History of Popular Music

¯  Careers in Music

¯  Movie Soundtracks/Film Scoring

¯  Digital Music & Music Technology


Grading Policy:

50%:  Class Projects & Individual Assignments

20%:  Listening Journals  (will be checked periodically)

30%:  Participation, Attitude, Effort, and Coming to Class Prepared!


All projects will be completed during class time.  Students will be given ample time to work on their assignments.  If a project/assignment cannot be completed in the allotted time, then the students will be expected to finish at home or on their own time.

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