Mrs. Friedman's Music Class

Weber Middle School 6th Grade Chorus and 7th & 8th Grade General Music

7th Grade General Music

In 7th grade General Music, the students will get to create, perform, and explore music through a variety of settings.  This class meets every other day for a semester.  The grade you earn in this class will be part of your overall school average; the work you do here will matter as much as the work in your other classes.


Materials Needed for Class:

¯  A dedicated folder for handouts, worksheets, projects, etc.

¯  A pencil or pen

¯  A Listening Journal: A spiral notebook or section of binder (with loose-leaf) or composition notebook

¯  Headphones (ear buds)



¯  Be on Time – 3 lateness during a marking period = detention

¯  Respect the teacher, all students, all equipment, and yourself

¯  Come prepared for class.  Be responsible for yourself.

¯  No food, gum, or drinks

¯  Most Importantly: Have Fun Through Working Hard!



We will be covering a variety of topics this semester including, but not limited to:
(Please note that units are subject to change)

¯  What is Music?

¯  Notation, Music Theory, and Composition

¯  Ukulele & Drumming

¯  Digital Music & Music Technology Compositions

¯  Broadway Musicals


Grading Policy:

50%:  Class Projects & Individual Assignments

20%:  Listening Journals (will be checked periodically)

30%:  Participation, Attitude, Effort, and Coming to Class Prepared!


All projects will be completed during class time.  Students will be given ample time to work on their assignments.  If a project/assignment cannot be completed in the allotted time, then the students will be expected to finish at home or on their own time.

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